#100792 Senior React Native Developers

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Anastasia Kravchenko
  • Short term (from 1 to 3 months)

Here is a preview of what we'll be working on:

- An event networking app similar to Linkedin

- A pretty complex sign in process: support URL scheme /universall links and QR Code to authenticate a person. I'll be very present on that topic but

- A newsfeed handled by a webview

- A contact list

- Messenging features between contacts

- Accessing secondary pages: listed in GraphQL as URL, rendered as Webviews

we'll of course present some idea of what we expect (we already have 80% of the app designed), but we'll be able to adjust the scope, provided that it's done at the right time and for the right reason. Our expectation for the end result is to be able to ship the product, even if some features have finally been unscoped. We are not hard on the final exact scope, but we'll be very hard in making sure good decisions are taken every single week in order to move forward.

· Duration: six weeks starting beginning of march

· Team: ideally 2 full-time experienced React Native developers. Experience with native parts (working with the camera) is a plus, but not mandatory. We think 2 people is enough to do great work. 2 is a good number because they'll be able to help each other and review each other's work. There can be an additional part-time PM, but I'd rather avoid it if possible (CF next bullet point), and I'd prefer relying on engineers who can handle the communication with me themselves.

· Weekly commitment: we expect the team to communicate and commit to weekly achievements with us. We'll probably review the weekly goals together, but the team will be drafting them, not me. Any unscheduled or unknown issue is of course part of the job. We should raise them as early as possible and adjust the weekly goals. Doint this on the last day is not acceptable. The 2 last days of every week should be focused on finishing the work, not discovering unknowns.

· Code-base: we'll grant access to Github, and the team will be able to contribute to the project using Pull Requests (I'll provide you with a PR template and some guidelines during the onboarding)

· Continuous build: getting continuous build of the app (using your favorite tool) would be great. Sending builds to TestFlight really sucks so I the team knows a better option, they can set it up !

· Tests: we'd like to have some test coverage using jest

We offer:
The full-time workload on a remote basis
Duration: 6 weeks project with possible extension
Start date: ASAP

  • React Native
  • GraphQL

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