#104656 Expert/Senior Python Developer


We are looking for an Expert/Senior Python developer to join our client's team on a subcontract basis.

About the project
You will join a highly motivated team and will be working on a modern solution for our existing client. We
are looking for technology experts who want to make an impact on new business by applying the best
practices and taking ownership.
The client is looking for a Senior Software Engineer to help us build out our data processing infrastructure.

●     Experience in software development for more than 3 years;
●     Good to know Go / Typescript;
●     Strong knowledge in Computer Science, Computing Theory:
○     Paradigm & Principles (OOP, SOLID);
○     Database theory (RDBMS);
○     Code testing practices;
○     Algorithms;
○     Data structures;
○     Design Patterns;
●     Understanding of network interactions:
○     protocols;
○     conventions (e.g. REST, RPC);
○     GraphQL;
○     authentication and authorization flows;
○     standards and practices (e.g. oAuth, JWT);
●     GoogleCloud Knowledge;
●     Strong knowledge and experience in Python (more than 2 years);
○     Struct module;
○     Data structures and data processing algorithms;
○     Pandas;
○     Numpy / scypy / matplotlib / bokeh;
●     Practical commercial experience with:
○     Designing, building, testing, and maintaining APIs and services
○     Web application frameworks (e.g. Flask, Falcon, Django, aiohttp) (more than 1 year);
○     Testing frameworks (e.g. e.g. pyTest, unittest);
○     ORM (e.g. SQLAlchemy) (more than 1 year);
○     RDBMS (e.g PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB, MS SQL) (more than 1 year);
○     Web Servers;
○     Version control systems (GIT);
○     Docker;
○     Continuous Integration tools (e.g. Gitlab Pipeline, Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo);
○     Builders;
●     Experience with:
○     Agile software processes and technologies;
○     Code Review process;
○     Refactoring process;
●     Upper-Intermediate English;
●     Knowledge in:
○     TDD, BDD;
○     Deployment patterns;
●     Experience with:
○     Troubleshooting, profiling and debugging applications;
●     Practical commercial experience with:
○     Key-value storages (e.g. Redis, Memcached);
○     Messaging systems (e.g. RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka, Active MQ, AWS SQS, Azure);
○     Integration with 3rd party solutions;
○     NoSQL (e.g. MongoDB, ElasticSearch, CouchDB);
○     Search Engines (e.g. ElasticSearch, Azure Search, Apache Solr);
○     Docker, Kubernetes;

We offer
  • The full-time workload on a remote basis
  • Project start day - December, 1
  • Duration - long-term

Contact me to get more details at:
  • Skype: pashtalina.anna
  • Email: ap@aog.jobs
  • Telegram: @anna_pashtalina

If this sounds like you, we'd welcome your application!

  • Python

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