#104720 Data Engineer Closed

  • Long term (more than 6 months)

We are looking for a Data Engineer to join our client’s team on a subcontract basis.

The Data team is located in Paris but consists of people from multiple nationalities.
The team consists of:
  • Head of Data
  • 2 engineers (+1 still to find)
  • 3 scientists
It's a young team, in the face of creating the infrastructure for the data scientists and the business to use. They have some stuff in place but still trying to find the right tools. The Data Scientists are more hands-on people, capable to do analyses and models. Projects from A-Z. Sometimes computing the data requires too much time so they need an engineer.
The 2 data engineers they have right now are ok but not the upcoming projects. They are going to create a platform: store all the data coming from the outside. Propose a service so people in the business/devs/team can access the data. You can call it a data hub or lake. They are currently testing technologies, architecture from big-league players such as Airbnb/Booking. The data engineers are meant to test technologies, benchmark them, why not why yes, put something in place and put it to the test.
Type of data: company-related, main info company, financials, officers, legal, financial problems, bank accounts, informations about real estate in each country, loans B2B. Documents. They don’t have many images. OCR to read documents. Mostly structured data. Easy to handle. But a lot of volume. Not in the terabytes but the potential to be in the terabytes.
The team is in France, data there is better than in other countries so they have a challenge on the data quality in the rest of the countries.
They don’t work the cloud but they do have a private cloud in Luxembourg. They rent the machines. All aintenance is done by a third party. They do have a security team dedicated team, and also a DevOps team. They have a Kubernetes cluster. Something to consider because a lot of data engineers want to stay on a loud environment. A lot of cloud platforms also use Kubernetes so that should be well known. They are using top technology not the old banking systems.

Should have:
  • Python is a must for now
  • Test different tools, be able to tell the head of data why a tool is good and why something else is not. Be able to do research, tests, and prove why something works
  • Normal tasks of a data engineer are important too such as building data pipelines
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • English - Upper-Intermediate
  • Location - Europe, at least in the same timezone as France (or be able to work in CET).

We offer:
  • The full-time workload on a remote basis
  • Start - ASAP
  • Duration - 6+ month
  • Rate - worthy reward based on your skills and experience

If you think you are the right person, we'd welcome your application!

  • Big data
  • Python

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